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M.P. Bhattathiri, Retired Chief Technical Examiner, to The Govt. of Kerala

The overwhelming majority of sidereal astrologers and their followers think they know their astral situation. But, as a matter of fact, they have almost no knowledge. Genuine knowledge of one’s psycho-physical conditioning in the modes of material nature is not easily granted. You have an astral body, and you are completely under its control. That control works in a logical way, and the demigods who are exerting that control do not want you to know what they are doing to you. This is an all-pervading universal law.

All astral laws, principles, and effects of conditional existence work in both cosmic and subjective spheres. The demigods make stringent, ultra-powerful, and usually effective efforts to keep you from even knowing, what to speak of understanding, how their forces operate. Thus, although you falsely think that you understand your particular astrological influences, in actuality that “knowledge” is keeping you in samsara. Something is happening to you, and you don’t know what it is. You also do not know how to take advantage of the real astrological principles and laws.

There is a certain way that your guna operates. You have destined karmas. You have other karmas that you can transcend--but only if you are in knowledge of how to overcome them. Your sva-bhava or being functions in a peculiar and particular way. You have a programmed level of knowledge and proclivity for understanding. Genuine astrology reveals all of this to you—and much, much more. It tells you who you are as a conditioned soul and the logic underlying your astral patterns. It is an essential tool for ultimate transcendence and self-realization.

To find a genuine Vaishnava guru is a rare prize. For a female to attract a qualified Vaishnava for a husband (her only means to spiritual and devotional liberation) is a similar accomplishment. To contact, accept, realize, and apply genuine astrological truth is in the same category. You have to pay the price.

The Vaishnava Foundation knows the astrological science. Obviously, the Foundation is not at all misled by the concoctions of tropical astrology. More importantly, however, this realization is not affected or infected by the pseudo-shibboleths of astrology, be it called (supposedly) Vedic, jyotish, Eastern, Indian, or sidereal horoscopy. If you want to know which texts and commentaries constitute the genuine teaching—and if you want to apply that knowledge and realization in your life—then you are free now, for the first time, to fulfill your birthright. Make the approach with unbiased logic. This will entail leaving the bewildering forest of quasi-horoscopy by renouncing misconceptions—all of which you currently value as pillars of astrological reasoning.

To calculate lagnas or ascendant points online, use the website The Hindu author who congratulated us, cited at the beginning of this article, has a treatise about Bhagavad-gita and management printed on that website. The universe is managed by the demigods. They control everything and everyone on behalf of the Supreme Controller (Paramesvara). If you really want such astral-logical insight, you can now have it by contacting the Vaishnava Foundation.